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ZHRT2-A1 Time Relay

ZHRT2-A1 Time Relay

ZHRT2-A1 Time Relay
ZHRT2-A1 Time RelayZHRT2-A1 Time RelayZHRT2-A1 Time Relay
CategoriesTime Relay
Rated supply voltageDC12V. DC24V,AC1l0V. AC220V. AC380V AC/DC 24V~240V
Rated power consumptionAC≤1.5VA DC≤1W
Delay range0.1s~100h
Setting accuracy≤5%
Repeat accuracy≤0.2%
Repeat power-on interval≥200ms
Contact configuration capacity(A)1 C/O,2 C/O 16A, 1C/O+1 instant C/O, 3C/O 8A
Contact capacity1 C/O, 2 C/O, 1C/O+1 instant C/O, 3C/O
Ѕtаndаrd Guіdе(width)35mm
Update TimeApr 24,2024
Detail Information



Used in control cabinets, cabinets and other electrical control circuit,according to the scheduled time automatically switch on or off the circuit.


Built-in micro controllers, 0.1s ~100h wide delay range, repeat accuracy ≤0.2%. Knob setting, LED indicator shows working status. Variety of optional rated voltage. DIN rail mounting.

Function Diagram

Wiring Diagram